WPC Fluted Panels, Light Grey
WPC Fluted Panels, Light Grey
WPC Fluted Panels, Light Grey


WPC Fluted Panels, Light Grey

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  • What in box?
  • 18 Panels each 6.5 in x 4.5 feet long.
  • 45 Steel clips. & 36 Extantion pins.

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Decorative WPC Fluted Wood Panels


PWC. Wood Plastic Composite material

Panel dimension

a) 6.5-in W x 54-in L   1-in thick  ...   AVILABLE for shipping

b) 6.5-in W x 108-in L 1-in thick  ... AVILABLE at Store For Pickup ONLY


White, Black, Walnut Brown, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Red Cedar, Light Brown, Purplish Blue, Golden Oak

Packing / Box

a) 18 panels/box ( 43 Square feet) ... for delivery option

b) 18 panels/box ( 86 Square feet) ... for pickup option


Clips & screws, Glue. see the installation Video

24/7 customer service




Decorative 3d Wall Pane, Waterproof,

Pickup address 

26-1616 Matheson Blvd, Mississauga ON.

  • 647 677-1012


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Why is WPC wall panels Better

Wood-plastic composite wall panels are an increasingly popular way to decorate buildings. As an excellent alternative to traditional wood wall panels, composite wall panels not only have the advantages of wood wall panels
but also many benefits of WPC wall panel. It is an attractive and cost-effective way to decorate.

Beautiful appearance

WPC wall panels look rich and neat and can give a unique look to your house. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of types and designs to give your house a unique look.

WPC wall panels go with all types of furniture and decorations and can be used to brighten up a dull room.

For a classic aesthetic, composite wall panels will provide a sense of timeless rustic warmth in your interior. For those seeking a more decorative look in their interiors, WPC wall panels can provide a touch of timeless charm. Both are available in a large selection of profiles
and finishes that will satisfy your wildest design dreams.

Excellent Durability

The WPC wall panel, on the other hand, has a long life span, up to 2 years. Due to the nature of the composite material, it is quite durable and has good water and mold resistance. It is easy to clean and does not require you to maintain it often, just scrub it with soap and water every once in a while.

Improve insulation performance

Excellent insulating properties are one of the main reasons why many people choose wood wall panels. WPC material is made from a blend of recyclable plastic and wood fibers. Due to the nature of the material, it has better insulating properties than wood siding. It can be of great use in daily life.Keep your interior space cool in the hot season and warm in the cold weather. You will feel it is a wise idea to invest in a WPC wall panel.

Good sound insulation

Wooden wall panels have excellent sound insulation. And WPC wall panel can be designed with a special sound-absorbing structure for soundinsulation. Therefore the WPC wall panel has a stronger sound insulation effect than wood wall panels. This makes the WPC wall panel the best choice for people seeking privacy and peace of mind.


Wood-plastic composite wall panels are made from a blend of recyclable plastic and wood fiber, the use of recyclable plastic can reduce the plastic pollution of the earth and help to protect the environment. The use of so far can increase the usage of trees, which reduces the excessive deforestation of forest resources and also helps to protect the natural environmental protection.Therefore WPC wall panels are environmentally friendly, especially compared with other options. The promotion of WPC wall panels helps to better protect the environment we live in. The benefits of WPC wall panel may surprise some people so that you don’t have to worry about cutting down too many trees to produce decorative wood wall panels.

Customer Service

24/7 free online installation service by Swan professional team, helping you to install PWC Wall Panels by yourself step by step easily.