1. What are Swan PS Fluted Panels?
PS stands for Solid, high-density polystyrene, and PS Fluted Panels are a type of building material that combines high-density polystyrene with PVC polymers to create a versatile and durable paneling product. The fluted design refers to the pattern of ridges and grooves on the surface of the panels, providing both aesthetic appeal and structural strength.
2. Can PS Fluted Panels be cut?
Yes, PS Fluted Panels can be cut using a saw or knife cutter.
3. Where can PS Fluted Panels be used?
PS Fluted Panels have a versatile range of applications and can be used for various indoor purposes. Some common uses include accent walls in offices, restaurants  living rooms, TV walls, bedrooms, dining rooms, powder rooms, and ceilings. However, they are not limited to these spaces and can be used creatively in other interior settings as well.
4. Can PS Fluted Panels be installed directly over tiles or drywall?
Yes, PS Fluted Panels can be installed directly over existing surfaces such as drywall and tiles.
5. How long does it take be delivered?
For shipping, PS Fluted Panels take 1-4 business days for delivery across Canada. For pick-up, they are usually ready within an hour after the order is placed.
6. How many boxes Do I need?
Each box covers 34 sq ft. For more information or assistance, please use the PS calculator above or call us at (905) 629-4373. We are happy to assist you.