Installation Instruction

1. Installation Tools.

2. Installation Steps.

3. Installation Support.

4. Installation Videos.

1. Installation Tools.

2. Installation Steps.

Step 1

Measure width and height of the wall using tape measure to mark the starting point.

Step 2

Draw lines on the wall using bubble level, as a reference to determine the right place and alignment of the panels.

Step 3

Apply Adhesive on the panel back. Make sure to apply enough glue along edges and middle of back of panel.
(we recommend "No more nails all purpose." construction adhesive )

Step 4

Stick the panel on the wall. Apply equal pressure using your finger tips. Make sure to adjust the alignment of the panel using bubble level.

Step 5

Use tape measure to measure and mark where to cut. You can cut the panels using scissors or cutter knife.

Step 6

Clean the panels surface using wet cloth with warm water.

3. Installation Support.

24/7 free online installation service by Swan professional team, helping you to install 3D Wall Panels by yourself step by step easily.