PS Fluted Panels, Gray Wood - 108-in X 6-in X10 panels


PS Fluted Panels, Gray Wood - 108-in X 6-in X10 panels

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Product Description

PS Wall Panel is made from a solid, high-density polystyrene (PS) material that is both lightweight and strong. It is designed for use in interior wall applications and is ideal for creating a smooth, finished look.

It is easy to install, requiring no extra tools, and provides superior thermal insulation compared to other wall materials.  It is an excellent choice for DIY projects, easy to install and comes in various Styles,

The PS Wall Panel is also moisture resistant and can be painted in any colour to suit the user's home décor giving you the flexibility to create unique solutions. With its superior strength and insulation properties. The PS Wall Panel is an ideal choice for any interior wall application.


 PS Wall Panels


Solid, high-density polystyrene (PS) material, lightweight and strong.

Panel Dimension

108-in L x 6-in W x 1/2 in thick


Gray Wood


10 Panels/Box

Total Area

44 Square Feet


Constriction adhesive glue




Indoor Decorative 3D Wall Panel, Waterproof

Pickup Address

5170 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 1E3

1. What are Swan PS Fluted Panels?
PS stands for Solid, high-density polystyrene, and PS Fluted Panels are a type of building material that combines high-density polystyrene with PVC polymers to create a versatile and durable paneling product. The fluted design refers to the pattern of ridges and grooves on the surface of the panels, providing both aesthetic appeal and structural strength.
2. Can PS Fluted Panels be cut?
Yes, PS Fluted Panels can be cut using a saw or knife cutter.
3. Where can PS Fluted Panels be used?
PS Fluted Panels have a versatile range of applications and can be used for various indoor purposes. Some common uses include accent walls in offices, restaurants  living rooms, TV walls, bedrooms, dining rooms, powder rooms, and ceilings. However, they are not limited to these spaces and can be used creatively in other interior settings as well.
4. Can PS Fluted Panels be installed directly over tiles or drywall?
Yes, PS Fluted Panels can be installed directly over existing surfaces such as drywall and tiles.
5. How long does it take be delivered?
For shipping, PS Fluted Panels take 1-4 business days for delivery across Canada. For pick-up, they are usually ready within an hour after the order is placed.
6. How many boxes Do I need?
Each box covers 34 sq ft. For more information or assistance, please use the PS calculator above or call us at (905) 629-4373. We are happy to assist you.


PS (solid, high-density polystyrene) material, are increasingly gaining favor among both homeowners and businesses for their ability to enhance architectural aesthetics. These panels provide a compelling alternative to traditional wooden wall panels, amalgamating the favorable attributes of wood with the unique advantages of PS. They deliver a refined and sophisticated appearance, affording homeowners and businesses alike the opportunity to select from a diverse array of styles and designs to bestow distinctive character upon their residential or commercial spaces. PS wall panels seamlessly complement various furniture styles and interior décor, rendering them ideal for invigorating lackluster rooms or infusing a sense of refinement into commercial environments. Whether one seeks a timeless, rustic ambiance or a more decorative flair, solid polystyrene wall panels offer a versatile selection of profiles and finishes to materialize their design aspirations.


PC wall panels exude an elegant and tidy appearance, offering a distinctive character to your room. Furthermore, you have a wide array of options when it comes to styles and patterns, allowing you to infuse your room with a unique ambiance. PC wall panels effortlessly complement any type of furniture and decor, making them an excellent choice for revitalizing lackluster rooms. If you desire a traditional and enduring aesthetic, composite wall panels will introduce a feeling of timeless rustic coziness to your interior space. For individuals in search of a more ornamental look for their interiors, PC wall panels can introduce a hint of enduring allure. Both options are readily available in an extensive range of profiles and finishes, ensuring they can bring your most imaginative design aspirations to life.


Outstanding insulating characteristics stand out as a primary factor behind the preference for wood wall panels by numerous individuals. Thanks to its inherent properties, it boasts superior insulation capabilities when compared to wooden siding. This can prove immensely beneficial in your everyday living. It helps maintain a comfortable, cool interior during hot seasons and ensures warmth during cold weather. Investing in a PS wall panel is sure to strike you as a wise decision.


PS are renowned for their superb sound insulation properties. In contrast, PS wall panels can be tailored with a unique sound-absorbing configuration, enhancing their sound insulation capabilities. Consequently, PS wall panels surpass wooden ones in terms of their effectiveness at soundproofing. This makes PS wall panels the ideal selection for individuals in pursuit of both privacy and tranquility.


Plastic composite wall panels (PS wall panels) are crafted from a combination of recyclable plastic, and the utilization of recyclable plastic serves to mitigate plastic pollution, contributing to environmental preservation. This sustainable approach reduces the need for excessive tree harvesting, thereby helping to combat over deforestation and safeguard natural ecosystems. Consequently, PS wall panels are an environmentally conscious choice, particularly when compared to alternative options. The promotion and use of PS wall panels play a vital role in advancing environmental protection efforts within our living spaces.


TOn the contrary, PS wall panels boast an extended lifespan. Thanks to the composite material's inherent durability, they exhibit strong resistance to water and mold. Cleaning them is a breeze, as they don't demand frequent maintenance.


Its waterproof properties make it great for places with moisture, such as living rooms, offices, and commercial spaces. PS wall panels are unfazed by water, protecting against potential moisture damage. They only need occasional cleaning, saving you time and effort while maintaining their long-lasting appeal.

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