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3D Wallpaper, DIY Vinyl Self-Adhesive Sticker, 10 Pieces (58 square feet)

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About 3D Foam wallpaper  

3D Foam Wallpaper Is used for Wall Decoration, self-adhesive designed for easy installation compared wallpaper and easy to clean. with 3D sense and effect of relief, different colors to choose from. We can use them to decorate our walls in different styles. Just stick them one by one on the wall, this product is a great to change the looks of your bedroom, kitchen, TV room, features walls and ceilings. Great for offices, cafes, and restaurants, endless uses and designs.

DIY, Do it your self, its that easy!!! No Experience needed to install, with a few hours you can change the look of any wall. 


1.Three-dimensional decorative soft foam, anti-collision child, care your family safe.

2.Safety and environmental protection, non-toxic odor-free, suitable for family safe home space.

3.Lifelike, natural brick pattern effect, simple and modern style.

4.Free DIY, easy self-adhesive design, installation, casual collage, arbitrarily cut.

5.Compared wallpaper better noise reduction effect.


Product Type: Box 10 pieces

Total area: 58 square feet

Material: PE "Polyethylene Foam

Application Type: Self-adhesive

Washable: Yes

Piece Size : [ 27.5 in. x 30 in. ] 70 cm x 77 cm

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